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We at Life's Journey believe everyone should experience life through small groups. We call these groups "life groups." We believe as we do life together, we should be intentional to live life in a missional manner as we encourage, celebrate, and equip one another as disciples of Christ to His glory. We believe no one was created to walk alone. God longs for us to know Him, experience Him, and learn from Him as we go and make disciples of one another.

We believe this is the call of the church: to be light and salt where He has placed us. We also believe that He is sufficient for whatever we encounter moment by moment. Life groups are not just events or meetings during a week. They are what we do to continue to experience life together. Whatever circumstances come, we get to walk together, encouraging one another and seeking the Father through prayer. We see in the book of Acts where the early church modeled the way God intended for us to walk with one another. God desires for us to walk together - not alone. It is the will of Christ that when one falls, the body is there to nurture that person back into a loving relationship and fellowship. Even before God created the heavens and the earth, God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit were in community. They have never been alone. It is His intention that we not walk alone.


Q. What is a life group?

A. Life groups are groups of 10-12 people who walk in community with one another and experience life together on a weekly basis.

Q. What happens at life group?

A. A group meeting usually consists of fellowship (food), seeking the truth through Scripture, books and other study material and prayer/encouragement for one another as we journey through this life.

Q. When and where do life groups meet?

A. Life groups meet throughout Huntsville in homes at various times and day of the week. Each group is unique and members decide which day and time is best for them.

Q. What options are there for childcare?

A. Some groups have childcare at the home of the life group meeting. Another option is to have childcare at another member's home with the adult members taking turns caring for the children. One option might be to pool the group’s resources together and hire someone to care for the children. This differs from group to group.

Q. How long will I be in the same life group?

A. There is not a time limit for how long a person stays in a life group. However, each group should be intentional about bringing new people into the group to experience life as they have experienced life.

Q. What happens when a life group becomes too large?

A. When intimacy is lost in a group because of its size then multiplication takes place. Multiplication is when two or more people leave the group to start a new life group.

Q. How do I get plugged into a life group?

A. There are several ways to get involved in a life group. You can contact Keith at the church office and let him know you want to be plugged into a life group, or you can contact a life group leader from the list below.

Current Life Groups


SE Huntsville

Thursday Evenings

Contact Frank Luria at 256.975.1003


SE Huntsville

Wednesday Evenings

Contact Keith Miller at 256.658.7171


SE Huntsville

Sunday Evenings

Contact Thomas Neely at 256.337.7725


SE Huntsville

Sunday Evenings

Contact Melanie Naumcheff at 256.656.4509


SE Huntsville

Sundays Afternoons

Contact Jimmy Parker at 256.566.1684


SE Huntsville

Thursday Evenings

Contact Debbi Ragsdale at 256.426.3477


SE Huntsville

Sunday Afternoons

Contact Tom Rogers at 256.498.2264