Men's Journey

contact: Tim Kibbey

Who We Are

The leading of a man - it never takes place alone. God has not called any of us to walk as though we are an island. It is imperative that we lock arms and walk with one another in this life. The truth is this: we are at war. The spiritual warfare is constantly bombarding us on every side. The enemy works overtime in every area of our lives to distract, discourage and defeat us. There are things that we have given up and matters we have avoided in order to just get by, and this is not what we would want for any of our children or friends of ours. We are not called to just get by. We are called to be driven by the Spirit of God that resides within us for the glory of God. It is time for us as men to step up to the plate and be the men God has called us to be. It is time we journey together and unpack the mystery of our lives in Christ together. It is time we let it be known that men can struggle and face their weaknesses, but pursue the victory we have in Christ.

  How about you? Are you around men who embrace their calling as men of God? Are you walking as a man of God or as men of this world? Come dive into the Word of God together with us as we hear what the Spirit of God is leading us into together and individually. What a journey - what a Savior! If you are seeking to maximize your God-given role as a man and have some fun along the way, you need to be a part of Men's Journey. 

Our Purpose: 

Intentional Direction // Searching the Scriptures together and allowing the Spirit of God to direct us as He speaks the truth in love. 

Inner Circle //  To have two or three other men to walk with and be accountable with in this life for everything – my personal journey (alone) as well as my collective journey (with others). 

Identity // Help each man discover and live out who we are in Christ Jesus and the fullness of His life. We will establish a community of brotherhood for the good of each man and his family to the glory of God. No one will be excluded. Married and single men are all welcomed and encouraged to get on board as we journey together as warriors for our families, one another and our church.

Our Mission

To develop God honoring relationships in order to disciple one another so we may present all men mature in Christ.

Our Calling

Men leading men to walk in the dependency of Christ in order to win out in the spiritual warfare of life. We are more than conquerors! We are bombarded on every side, but we will not be defeated. As the enemy continues to distract, discourage, and try to defeat us, we will press in to keep our eyes focused on Christ. We are committed to the goal that one generation after another shall commend the works of God to another, and we shall declare God’s mighty acts. We will be driven by the Spirit of God to live lives above reproach and to the glory of God in all things. 

Upcoming Events

Men's Connection Dinner // March 16th at 6pm // 7905 Logan Dr.

Our men's dinner is a great opportunity to gather with other men in the church, eat a delicious meal, and hear about how God is working. We meet every other month for an awesome time of food and fellowship and for a short devotion time. The cost is $10 a person ($5 for students). This is a great opportunity for outreach. Invite your friends! Click Here to Register.

Men's Retreat // August 2020 // Lake Guntersville

Details coming soon. 

The Forge  // Every Friday at 6:30am // 8402 Whitesburg Dr. Building H

The Forge is more than a weekly meeting of men. It is about consistency and intentionality, walking together outside of regular church meetings. We meet at Rooster's Crow Coffee on Whitesburg Drive.

The Forge is for men who:

  • Desire to be the men God has called us to be.
  • Want what’s best for others and desire to model it.
  • Desire to focus on the strength of the Lord rather than on man’s weaknesses.
  • Desire to be sharp, knowing this will mean dealing with tough issues.
  • Seek to encourage one another without condemnation.
  • Understand and believe that it is important for men to walk with men.
  • Will be there for one another, work with one another, minister with one another and challenge one another.

To be part of The Forge, each man will walk with two to four other men to review discussion questions and embrace accountability. We also ask that you will commit to consistent and faithful participation for three months. Contact Tim Kibbey for more information.

We are currently going through the book of Galatians.