Welcome to Life's Journey

Welcome to Life’s Journey. You'll find that we preach the transformational Gospel of Jesus Christ unapologetically in our God-centered worship services. Our desire in all that we do is to bring glory to God. We hope you join us at our weekend service (5pm on Sunday) and more importantly, that you'll choose to make this your home church You'll learn we're not perfect, but fortunately, we've been saved by the One who is. At Life's Journey, we have no dress code, though you'll find that the majority of the congregation dresses casually. 

We are a church of small groups called life groups. A life group is not just a small group, social activist group, or a weekly meeting. It can and should be these sorts of things, but it doesn't stop there. You can read more here.

We believe that people are called to journey with the Father individually and collectively. Above all, we want to be an exciting place where people can invite their friends, regardless of whether they have been to church before or not!